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Analysing the Numbers

Financial Solutions for Entertainment and Recording Industry Professionals

New Business, Entertainment & Recording Industry

You are busy and your time is valuable! That's the nature of the business. Yet, there are certain financial situations faced by your business that require outside financial expertise.  And to occupy your full attention, your clients and their families require financial needs to be met too. Our focus is to make sure that you get the information you need to help you protect your business, your clients, and their families all in one plan.   Why?  Because its important to plan for the expected and prepare for the unexpected.   

We possess the skill set to meet the needs of high-net-worth individuals in the entertainment business, including celebrities. That means acting in a way most financial planners don't, with the aim to protect your wealth, not just grow it.  

1. Key-Person Financial Protection
2. Protect assets such as a home, beyond home insurance. 

3. Safeguard an investment against loss or risk. 

4. Preservation and longevity of a Business. We specialize in industry Partnerships, LLCs, Self employed entertainment entities so we understand contract integrity and risk analysis).   
5. Create a strategy for your client tax deferment and sheltering, and beyond contract termination. 

Protect your Business and Talent Today! Cost is always free.
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For CPAs, Tax Attorneys, EAs and Financial Planners 

Clients will love what you do for them! 

Many of our CPA partners that manage $2mm or more work with several financial advisors.  What we do however, is completely different.  Others simply don't have the planning we provide. Ideally, if they did, surely they would have brought these strategies to your attention by now. And if they haven't it's either the financial advisor doesn’t know about it, or he doesn’t offer it. Perhaps even refraining from tax-free investment or retirement vehicles and programs because the don't carry a hefty commission or their carriers don't provide it. 

How does this affect your clients? Well, it's the difference between satisfactory service and mediocre service.  And whether you will have them as clients for years to come.  With us, clients will love what you do for them.  Guaranteed! 

CPAs and EAs that have partnered up with us have consistently improved their services by:

  1. Increasing revenue flow.

  2. Enhanced their practice to become a comprehensive financial specialist.              (No more referring clients out) 

  3. Solidifying client retention.In most cases, we extend it for about 10-15 years.  

  4. Gain access to 'million dollar table' clients. 

  5. Receive yearly Continuing Education Credits 

Become a partner of our CPA/EA Program. Cost is always free.
Analysing the Data

Financial Status


Expert Guidance

How much time and effort do you put into checking your financial health every year?  Or do you rely on someone else to control your net worth?


Call us today, and get a free evaluation of your assets.


Find out if you're financial profile is prone to undue risk or loss. 


Find out how financially steady is your business.  If you got sick tomorrow, who would run your business?

Check social security benefits to see if they can sustain your standard of living upon retirement.  

Evaluate your current Life Insurance policies, or improve your policy to one where you don't have to wait for death to use that money. 

These are all things we can adequately evaluate for you. 


There is no obligation

First consultation is free.

No commissions.  

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