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Analysing the Data

Expert Guidance

Financial Status Evaluation

How much time and effort do you put into checking your business financial health every year?  Or do you rely on someone else to control your income revenue, profit and loss statements, and employee plans ?  


Find out how financially steady your business really is.  If you got sick tomorrow, who would run your business? Where would that money come from.  Should you have an additional source of income? 


Are you a tax advantaged business? Will you pay taxes on the seeds or the harvest?

Evaluate your current business succession plan.   Did you know, that even if you have a will,  a successor or partner may be forced to sell the business?  


Should you wait to use your life insurance money? What if you could invest that in your business NOW? 

These are all things we can adequately evaluate for you. 


There is no obligation

First consultation is free.

No commissions.  

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