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Chart & Technical Analysis


Classical Charting techniques and Technical analysis using indicators, Fibonacci levels, Supply & Demand zones to pinpoint price action.  


Stock Market Volatility Analysis


When markets reach a pivot point, the volatility index will emerge.  We follow these market signals to know when a bullish or bearish market begins.


Cryptocurrency Market Update


With over (2) years of tracking Crypto Large Cap Markets and Bitcoin markets, we are the choice of many crypto investors.

Previous clients:  

AFC has been providing financial market analysis and reports to clients for well over (2) years.  What makes our analysis stand out is our valuation method, data feeds, trading experience, and professional training in Stocks, Forex, and Cryptocurrency markets. 


Whether you are in need of a report for an institutional allocation, a personal portfolio, economic or cyclical insights, or a media article - our market analysis can provide you with live market data that will detail the predictions, valuation, and potential you seek.

Our reports include:

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Data

  • Macro & Micro Economics

  • Fundamentals

  • Risk to Reward Ratios

  • Market Sentiment

  • Charting Techniques

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Cyclical Markets are pointing to historical value margins. Does this mean a bear market is developing. We believe so. 

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