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Trading may seem like a necessary venture in the crypto space. But its really a complex venture which most professionals choose to do full time.  Contrary to popular claims on social media, iIt takes approximately 5 years for new traders to develop a successful and profitable strategy. In fact, most crypto traders in late 2017 made up to 30% gains per month (Bitcoin), only to lose an average of 60% in early 2018. Financial Markets are as complex as any other market, be it equities, options, or foreign exchange. If you don't understand the fundamentals, correlations, technical analysis, and quantitative data needed to be a successful trader, you will suffer a substantial loss.  Many novice traders hold on to beliefs such that are popular among their peers such as hodl, fomo, and the use trading signals.  The fact is, that if indicators, signals, and pop trading ideas were effective, there would be no need for these things, as the markets would be predictable.  Indeed, following pop culture in trading means you take on other's risk.  We eliminate the stress associated with cyrpto financial markets and we mitigate the high risk of trading cryptocurrencies.  Our clients accounts averaged 19% monthly gains year to date in 2018.  


  • 5:1 Reward to Risk Strategies   

  • Long and Short positions based on proven hedged strategies

  • Monthly Ledger of Performance 

  • Large Cap Asset trading (No Alt trading) 

  • One monthly fee (no commissions) for life of trading account

  • Signed Trading Agreement

  • Direct access to your account

  • No private keys needed


3% Management Fee

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An important part of trading a financial market is Qualitative and Quantitative  Analysis.  Most Crypto Hedge Funds are coming have yet to realize this important part of trading in cryptocurrency markets.  The fact is that the crypto space lacks a lot of data feeds.  And while most Hedge Funds or Asset Managers continue to take clients money, their financial analysis runs from hype to assertions that Bitcoin will reach $100K in 1 year´s time.  Nevertheless, there are things any and all financial consultancies and asset managers must consider.  And that is where we have a specific skill set.  Our assets under management  rely on a unique and proven trading strategy, not only for investment allocations, but also for exit strategies. We compile a complete analysis by collecting and analyzing the Crypto Economy and Financial Markets, Data Feeds and Fintech regulatory news, and  other factors into consideration when applying investment strategies.  We use an exclusive Bloomberg type QA Crypto Terminal.  We currently hold a little over $700K in Cryptocurrency assets under management.  Ours is not a ´signals´game, but rather we rely on cold hard data. 




Types of QA:

Futures Spot Markets

Exchange Data feeds

Crypto Economy

Mining Data 

Macroeconomics / Current News

SEC-CFTC regulatory releases

Financial Markets correlations

Bitcoin ETF (soon to come)

Our QA Services are available to:

  • Hege Funds

  • Crypto Funds

  • Asset Managers

  • Media outlets

  • Fintech Businesses



Rate $300 per Hr.

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While the ICO market continues to boom, many investors and participants in these ICOs are left holding ´bags´of useless and ´tokens´or cryptocurrency.  In fact, about 20% of ICOs in the first half of 2018 were deemed successful, but only 10% of those are still around 6 months later. While blockchain is the underlying application for most cryptocurrencies, many utility tokens are just not as valuable as they are hyped up to be during an ICO.  This coupled with the fact that many ICOs suffer from regulatory scrutiny, price manipulation, pump and dump schemes, and lack of viable projects attached to the core business makes ICOs one of the riskiest investments in the world.  However, even with that, ICOs remain the entrepreneurial financing vehicle of the century. And they are here to stay.  With a $3-5Billion market cap, ICOs are making 100% to 1300% returns.  That is not to say that most of these will be around in 2 years.  The benchmark of most new business failing within its first 2 years still applies to this new crypto economy.  So what is OUR advantage.  Antiqua Financial is one of a handful of companies that does its own business analysis and valuation on ICOs.  We rely on a first-rate and exclusive 3-step valuation methodology for each investment we consider.  Our valuation is so popular that capital venture companies have borrowed our valuation methodology.  As so, we give our investors a clear picture of the business structure, solvency, and compliancy of a project or start-up they invest in.  We partner with private and venture capital funds to access ICOs in blockchain startups.  In 2018 year to date, we outperformed in 3 out of 4 ICOs we participated in. 


  • ICO proprietary summary and valuation

  • Risk Management

  • Exit Strategy

  • Easy and secure account access

  • Gain are paid in Cryptocurrency

  • Tax forms provided 


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What is Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

What is Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

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