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Analysing the Numbers

Business Tax-Advantaged Strategies

Planning for New Business, Estate Planning, Self Employment, Employee Benefit Programs, Successions

About 100% of Business Owners we speak with believe they have their financial planning taken care of.  And yet, about 85% simply, don't.  The data shows that the majority of  small to medium size business owners in the US, don't have any savings, let alone a fund for emergency care or even a retirement account. 

Answer these questions:

Can your business run without you, if something happened to you TODAY?  So where would the money come from - your savings? A retirement account? Your business revenue? 

Is your family secure on what to do with your business if you died suddenly?  Do they know what to do with your partner(s)?  The property?  The estate or corporate tax implications?  

Do you have a retirement plan set up for your employees? If so, what's your tax liability? Are you happy with that rate? 

We have the experience, the math and the empirical evidence to put things in an objective light,


*Self employed 
*protect your business from against loss.  (Partnerships, Corporations, even Self employed)  
*New business
retirement benefits for employees leading fied indexed annuity provider.

Think of the Y in financial planning.  Let the tax implication in your business become OUR problem to resolve.  Because if we dont' do it, the problem becomes Y-OUR problem to resolve.

Men with Calculator

Retirement Income

Are you expecting a LIFETIME, TAX-FREE income?

You know, its not about how much you can save, its how much you can live off.   Our main financial strategy to guarantee you never run out of money in retirement.

know when to pull money out or simply what account to pull it out from without creating a taxable event. 

Need extra money - don't take it our from a loan.  

Its not about accumlating your retirement, its really about making sure you NEVER run out of money in retirement. 


Would you rather be rich, or have an absolute guarantee that you will never be poor? 

Analysing the Data

Life Matters

Living Benefits, College, and Vacations


If you became suddenly ill with a heart attack, cancer, or stroke, or became injured, who would pay for your health bills?  Remember most insurance plans only cover about 75% of costs related to a sudden illness, operation, or hospital stay.  When you think that the average treatment for cancer, is a out-of-pocket expense of $100k, where would you turn for that money? 

Protect Your Life Today
Analysing the Numbers

Wealth Management

Financial and investment valuation

As an independent broker, we are free to work with any broker, including the  This ensures that we find the plan that is specific for YOU.  We will never get you cookie-cutter financial plan.  In fact, our unique valuation.  IRAs, 401k, Mutual Funds, Annuities, and even Indexed Life Insurance.

The best Investment is in Yourself
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