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Analysing the Numbers

Retirement & Financial Planning

Successful Financial Path

These programs are designed to solve the problems that plague many Americans today - running out of money in retirement and not having enough to sustain your standard of living.  I am proud to have helped provide customized solutions with:


  • Tax-Free Retirement Accounts 

  • Business Tax Solutions

  • Mortgage Protection

  • Living Benefits

  • Roth IRAs

  • College Funding

Men with Calculator

Investment Valuation & Asset Management

A 3-Step Approach


Would you like to invest in the next Bullish stock market cycle?  Or maybe a Venture Capital opportunity?  While many advisors promise great returns based on performance that has nothing to do with the state of your current investment, we at AQF base our potential returns on real data and qualitative analysis. With a background in Financial Analysis,  we mastered an exclusive 3-step methodology that has been borrowed by Hedge Funds and VC firms to qualify their investments.   Whether you're an angel, accredited, or novice investor, why invest in something without with a 'projection' and not a full analysis?  And why would you let someone that doesn't understand your investments, manage your assets?  Mitigate your risk the right way, with us.  

Analysing the Data

Financial Status


Expert Guidance

How much time and effort do you put into checking your financial health every year?  Or do you rely on someone else to control your net worth?


Call us today, and get a free evaluation of your assets.


Find out if you're financial profile is prone to undue risk or loss. 


Find out how financially steady is your business.  If you got sick tomorrow, who would run your business?

Check social security benefits to see if they can sustain your standard of living upon retirement.  

Evaluate your current Life Insurance policies, or improve your policy to one where you don't have to wait for death to use that money. 

These are all things we can adequately evaluate for you. 


There is no obligation

First consultation is free.

No commissions.  

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